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About Us
Originally, Ecoseekers was about taking people abseiling which led into public speaking engagements about Marks climbing expeditions. Whilst Ecoseekers still provides this, there is another dimension-getting people fighting fit for basecamps and 7 summit mountains in particular and having an adventure at the same time!  
Ecoseekers is owned by Mark Sheen. He is passionate about the outdoors and has been visiting places around the globe for the last 20 years including trekking and climbing some of the most amazing places this earth has to offer. Some of his journeys have included fast acents of seven summit peaks including a successful ascent of Mount Everest in 2007. Expeditions to K2 and Broad peak as well as many long distance remote treks to many places and climbs such as Alaska, Europe and New Zealand.. Mark also has experience in running, kayaking and desert travel and just enjoys anywhere in the outdoors. 


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